If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly surface material with a sophisticated color palette and unique advantages, look no further than EcoTec Surfaces™.

EcoTec Surfaces is the next generation of green building material. A unique soy-urethane-based surface material, its patented combination of recycled glass and bio-renewable soybean resin creates a strong, beautiful surface.

EcoTec Surfaces allows you to make an environmentally conscious and visually striking design that is both earth-friendly and affordable.

 EcoTec Surfaces performs just like engineered stone or traditional solid surface material during thermoforming, fabrication, and installation, is both environmentally conscious and visually striking, and provides significant advantages:

The ONLY sustainable soy urethane-based surface material

 20-25% lighter than acrylic and polyester solid surfaces

53+% minimum renewable or recycled content

 More durable than the leading brand solid surface

Spartan Showcase Display Cases

EcoTec Surfaces contains a high percentage of recycled glass and bio-renewable materials. Its light weight further reduces the monetary cost and carbon footprint of shipping traditional materials such as acrylic solid surfaces, quartz, granite, or marble.

EcoTec Surfaces contains at least 53% recycled and renewable materials. Its proprietary mixture uses recycled glass, including windshield glass, one of the more difficult glasses to recycle because, due to the coating on the glass, windshield glass cannot be used in recycled consumables. EcoTec Surfaces gives new life to a cast-off resource.

With over 250,000 sq ft of manufacturing space, no job is too big or too small for EcoTec Surfaces. We will happily create 1 countertop or 1000! (Or anything else you have in mind for EcoTec Surfaces™ solid surface material.

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