Test Name                                 Standard                                                     Results


Fire Test*                                    Standard ASTM E84 (ANSI/UL 723)          Pass Class 1; Class A


Impact Resistance Test*           1/2 lb. steel ball dropped from 36″         No damage


Knife Drop Test*                        ANSI Z124.6-1900                                       No cracks or fractures


Skillet Drop Test*                      10.5″ cast iron skillet (4.5 lb. weight)       No residual deflection


dropped from 12″


Load Test*                                  300 lbs. on 24” x 30” panel                        No residual deflection


Stain Resistance Test                ANSI Z124.1 5.2 (see list on right)            Pass rating 46


Cigarette Test                            ANSI Z124.1 5.4                                           Pass rating 0


Chemical Resistance Test        ANSI Z124.1 5.5 (see list on right)            Pass


Renewability Test                      SS-1 Performance Standard                     Pass


for Solid Surface


Hot Pan Test                              ANSI Z124.6-1997                                       Pass


Cleanability Test                        ANSI Z124.1 5.3                                          Pass/loss 0.8


Wear Test                                  ANSI Z124.1 5.3                                           Pass


*Tested material was 1⁄2” thick and weighed 3.82 lbs. per sq. ft.


TEST METHOD: This test was conducted in accordance with ANSI/UL 723, 10th Edition.


Client Name:            EcoTec Surfaces          Test Duration:           10 Minutes


Test No.:                   1                                      Hot Test:                   No


Mounting:                  Rods & Wires              Test Type:                 CITS


Burn-Out Required:   No                               Test Sample:            Solid Surfacing Material






Calculated Smoke Developed (CSD): 55.9


Smoke Developed Index (SDI): 55


Area under Smoke Curve (obs./min.): 45.43


Area under Red Oak Curve (obs./min.): 81.24




Post-Test Observations


Discoloration (ft. from burner): 24


Char (ft. from burner): 8






Flame Spread Data


Calculated Flame Spread (CFS): 8.26


Flame Spread Index: 10


Time to Ignition (sec.): 144


Maximum Flame Spread (ft.): 3.5


Area under Flame Spread Curve (ft./min.): 16.0


Resistance Chart


(16 hr. exposure time)


Chemical Resistance Reagents


Naphtha                              Citric Acid, 10%


Ethyl Alcohol                       Urea, 6% (Urine)


Amyl Alcohol                       Hydrogen Peroxide, 3%


Ammonia, 10%                   Phenol, 5% (Lysol)


Toluene                               Lye, 1-2% (Drano)


Ethyl Acetate                      Sodium Hypochlorite


Acetone                              Clorox


Stain Resistance Reagents


Black Crayon


Black Liquid Shoe Polish


Blue Washable Ink




Hair Dye


Iodine Solution


Gentian Violet Solution


Distance (ft.)    Time (sec.)


Ignition              144


0.5                     210


1                        240


1.5                     248


2                        330


2.5                     428


3                        440


3.5                     458

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